As a volunteer, you are a treasured member of the Tranquil Care Hospice team. Whether you elect to visit patients, share a specific talent or assist a program that interests you, we welcome your support. Our volunteers share our calling to bring comfort and help to others when they need it the most.


Who are volunteers?

  • People 18 years and older
  • Friends or relatives of former hospice patients
  • People who have heard about hospice and believe in our work
  • People from all cultures and backgrounds

What do volunteers do?

Your visit can make someone’s day! Our volunteers bring companionship to our patients and their loved ones. You can visit and read with patients, run errands, write letters, listen to music, play cards or games, take walks, assist the patient and family with projects and give the caregiver time to get away for short periods. You can make a profound difference in a family’s life as a compassionate and calm presence who understands what they’re going through.

Read an article by a long-time volunteer, Diane Head: Why I Volunteer with Hospice: Insight from a Long-Time Volunteer

Office support

We also welcome help in our administrative offices. Various duties may include data entry, record keeping, filing and telephone duties.

Community awareness

Word-of-mouth is a very important way people learn about our care and mission. You can volunteer to act as an ambassador for Tranquil Care Hospice, sharing our story at community events like health fairs. You also can help us raise awareness of the resources Tranquil Care Hospice makes available to our community.


Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy which works on subtle levels. A growing body of evidence suggests Essential Oils may be helpful in easing emotional and mental distress. The use of Aromatherapy in hospice can promote relaxation, improve sleep, provide emotional support, and relieve symptoms such as pain, anxiety, nausea and depression.


Reiki is a therapeutic technique with Japanese origins that promotes relaxation and alleviates stress. Reiki is gaining acceptance as an effective holistic therapy in complement to traditional medical care. For terminally ill patients with fragile skin, Reiki’s light touch provides a soothing experience. It can benefit not only hospice patients but also their caregivers who frequently experience fatigue or burnout. Many Hospice patients are fearful of their approaching death. The calming energy of Reiki can help the dying relax into the unknown, allowing them to let go and pass with comfort and dignity.

Tuck-In Volunteers

Do you have a warm and caring phone presence? Hospice Tuck-In Volunteers are needed to make weekly phone calls of support to our clients or their family caregivers to ensure all their needs are being met. Training is provided. Phone calls can be made from your own home once training is complete.

Special skills and services

We are always on the lookout for volunteers with specific skills to help our patients and their families. These include:

  • Registered massage therapists
  • Hair stylists
  • Pet lovers
  • Musicians or singers
  • Reiki practioners
  • Spanish-speakers

Volunteer Training

All Tranquil Care Hospice volunteers must go through volunteer training. For volunteers interested in helping in our office or at special events, the training is not as in-depth as it is for those who will visit with our patients.

Interested in Volunteering and making a difference in someone’s life? Apply Here.