Who Pays for Hospice?

Hospice is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medi-Cal, with few out-of-pocket costs to the patient. Tranquil Care staff will work with your insurance company to coordinate coverage. Tranquil Care receives no reimbursement for our bereavement services which are provided free of charge.

Download MEDICARE 2016 COVERAGE OVERVIEW BrochureThe Medicare hospice benefit covers costs related to the terminal illness, including the services of the hospice team, medication, medical equipment and supplies. Medicare reimburses for different levels of hospice care recognizing sometimes patients require special attention.

Medications: The Medicare hospice benefit covers medications needed to treat the patient’s terminal illness. Generally hospice providers will order medications for you, and the pharmacy will arrange for delivery. Medications for a condition not related to the terminal illness – allergy medication for example – are not covered by the hospice benefit.

Medical supplies: The physician and nurse will work with the family to determine which medical supplies and equipment the patient needs The Tranquil Care Hospice team order the equipment and have it delivered to your home.

Does a terminally ill person have to fully accept his/her prognosis in order to be a hospice patient?

No, ambivalence is normal and acceptance is a process. Hospice never takes a person’s hope away. Tranquil Care staff will help patients and their families redefine hope as they begin to accept their death. For example, hope may mean staying well enough to attend an important event or it may mean living and passing without pain. However, the physician must have discussed the prognosis with the patient and the patient must understand and desire Hospice services.

As a community based not-for-profit hospice, Tranquil Care Hospice cares for patients based on need and not financial circumstances.

Hospice patients 65 or over who are enrolled in Medicare will find that their hospice care if fully covered by the Medicare Hospice Benefit. Medi-Cal and most private insurance plans also cover hospice care.

The staff at Tranquil Care Hospice can help you explore all of the options that are available to you.